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Electroweb services clients accross many industries. In general terms our products can be split between rail related applications and general electrical / electronic products.

To get a sense of our product offer you can peruse our products on-line or download a portable document version of our products. The product manuals are split between the two larger business units. Also note that product manuals are constantly updated to reflect the latest changes. The version number serves as a reference point to ensure that you have the latest version of the product manual./p>

Projects and Innovation


LED streetlights with optional wind and solar chargers.

Perimeter Light

Setup a near perfect lighted environment around your most important assets.


Replace your energy sapping incandescent downlighters with cutting edge high radiance LED downlighters.

Latest News

  • June 12, 2010

    Website Beta Testing
    The new company website is nearing launch time. It is currently under the pre-release phase. Watch this space for further developments.

  • June 10, 2010

    Streetlight Technology a Hit
    The innovative LED streetlights are proving to be a success story of note. Several clients are currently awaiting the delivery of their first batches of lights. Clients from as far afield as Dubai have made inquiries into this product.

  • June 26, 2010

    The release of the first batch of Electroweb downlighters is close. A specially designed downlighter featuring the same LED technology as the Electroweb streetlights will reshape the domestic market.


Trade Testimonials

  • Client 1 - "We had a problem... Electroweb fixed it! Client1

  • Client 2 - "We had a problem... Electroweb fixed it! Client2

  • Client 2 - "We had a problem... Electroweb fixed it! Client2


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