What we manufacture and sell

The product range is limited to electric and electronic goods. We manufacture on-site in our clean room and through a pick and place machine. Products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality.


We stock a very wide range of electronic inverters (ballasts). We can supply from a 12Vdc (11W) all the way through to a 230Vac (55W) product. We provide standard inverters, inverters with dimming units and lamp mounts.


Light Assemblies

We manufacture and carry numerous bulkhead light assemblies as well as dome lights, luminaire lights, electro-flo lights and extrusioon light systems. Click the 'Details' link to see the full range of light assemblies.


LED Products

In cooperation with an international leader on LED technology, Seoul Semi-Conductors, we manufacture and deliver several innovative LED products. Current products include several LED lighting assemblies associated with railway applications. In addition we manufacture and assemble new, state of the art LED streetlights and LED downlighters.


Heating Products

Heating products include single and three phase heaters ranging from 74Vdc to 750Vdc models. We also manufacture several add-on modules to enhance the heating products.


Water & Air Products

We stock complete water treatment systems as well as add-on modules and spares for water treatment systems.


DC-to-DC Converters

We carry a comprehensive range of DC-to-DC converters.



Several niche products are grouped under the miscellaneous heading. These range from solar panel assemblies to alternators, batteries and stainless steel inserter units. Follow the 'Details' link to learn more about Electroweb's miscellaneous products.