Innovative Products

Electroweb currently service two groups of clients. On the one hand we have our RAIL clients and on the other hand clients in lighting environment. While we have been servicing RAIL clients for years as OEM manufacturer our involvement in the pure lighting environment is rather young. Our sales house for lighting equipment is Powervert Technologies.


The Inverter is used in light systems. Various protection systems are provided, including over voltage and no load protection. The unit comes standard with pre-heat function, greatly increasing lamp life. The unit is very efficient and uses very little current, making it well suited for energy-saving projects.


We construct a wide range of lighting systems. The range varies from smaller fluorescent tube electronic inverter driven systems to compact fluorescent ligting assemblies. A range of colours and sizes are available.


The LED products manufactured at Electroweb range from indicator lights on trains to destination indicators on trains and busses. Lately we have developed high power streetlights, perimeter lights and beacon lights. We use the best quality LEDs from a global leader on LED technology.


Current heating products are manufactured for railway application. They vary accross a wide range of voltages and wattages. We cater for one and three phase AC and DC heaters. Not only do we manufacture the components but also complete heating systems for railway coaches and trailers.


The DC-DC converters are used to convert 60-200Vdc to 10-74Vdc output. These converters have wide application possibilities.



We manufacture a range of water purifiers. The different models vary in the number of active filters, inclusion of an UV reactor and working voltage.



Being focussed on market needs Electroweb has manufactured several niche products over the years. One of these is a token inserter for packaging application. This product has been used with huge success in the food packaging industry.